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Membership of the Professional Valuers Association is open to all South African Professional Valuers of good standing, and qualifying affiliates.


The PVA is run by members who are all registered property valuers, committed to ethical professional practice in the industry.

The PVA (and the PVA website in particular) is often a point of contact for many clients locally and abroad, seeking referrals to professional property valuers in South Africa. The PVA recommends members in their geographic locations all over South Africa, and strives to build a membership footprint of certified property valuers in all regions to fill this need.

If you are an registered Property Valuer seeking to;

- Further your reputation,
- Obtain greater industry standing,
- Network within a body exclusively for valuers,
- Be represented at higher industry levels,
- Contribute to the benefit of the property valuers profession,
- Attend industry relevant conferences and updates,
- Contribute to and benefit from targeted initiatives,

Then the Professional Valuers Association may be for you.

Member categories:

There are two categories of membership with the PVA.

a) Member - full membership of the PVA as a registered Professional or Professional Associated Valuer under the SACPVP. Members have full voting and election rights and may use the instruments of the PVA and the designation - PVA. A certificate is issued to all full members.

b) Affiliate Member - The constitution of the Professional Valuers Association (PVA) extends Affiliate Membership to members of comparable property associations internationally. Affiliates do not have voting rights and may not stand for election. No certificate is issued.

Membership Requirements:

- Recognised tertiary qualification,
- Registration as a Professional/Associated Valuer with SACPVP,
- Minimum of 5 years experience,
- References and sufficient relevant experience,
- A professional occupation record with high moral and ethical work principles. Valuers with a history of claims for negligence or poor professional character cannot become (or remain) members of the PVA.


Application can be made by simply downloading the application form and submitting the necessary tertiary and professional documents for consideration by the Board of the PVA. You can scan the completed application form and all your documents and email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subscription Fee: The current annual subscription fee is R350.00 pa.

Download The Application Form